Libra Full Moon thoughts

This morning’s Full Moon in Libra brought a blizzard with, so far, several inches of snow and temperatures in the teens. Even for Montana, this seems extreme. But Full Moons are known for triggering extremes, so perhaps it should not be such a surprise.

The sign of Libra is symbolized by the scales, signifying harmony, balance, and the relationship between self and other. It is ‘ruled’ by the harmonizing, feminine sign of Venus, who just crossed into her other rulership, earthy Taurus, kicking up her influence. So this Full Moon lights up our relationships – with ourselves as well as anyone or anything we consider other than ourselves, offering us yet another opportunity to realize there is no other. We are all part of the same whole and will be so much happier when we treat each other as such.

An extra strong influence at this Full Moon is that of the planets Mars and Saturn hanging out together in Saturn’s home sign of Capricorn, where Mars is said to be exalted. Again, both planets are strengthened in this placement, which is in a square to the Full Moon, a tense and therefore dynamic angle pushing for change. However, Mars is more like the impetuous, willful youth chasing after his desires placed in the company of the disciplined, committed authority of Saturn. Their combination says that rather than leap into battle for what we think we want, we might be more effective through disciplined action in service to our most authentic self and long-term goals.

So, if we notice a lack of balance in our relationships right now – too much self or too much other – perhaps it’s time to slow down, consider our long-term desires for harmony, and find compassion for our and everyone else’s shortcomings. 

Mars and Saturn are very near the same positions as when I was born, so I am reminded of the need for cautious, committed action that serves the whole. I’m in the process of building my (Capricorn) foundation as a healer and teacher, with Patreon as one of the pillars. Thanks for being here – more to come soon. 

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