Memoir-in-progress: feedback requested!

One of the many stumbling blocks on my road to writing this spiritual memoir is having an idea of how the finished book will be structured. Is it a collection of stories? A chronological autobiography of sorts? Something altogether different? It doesn’t sound like it should be an issue, but when I sit down to write there is always a question in the back of my mind regarding how it will ‘fit in’ to a book. Plus, the lovely Jen Violi (find her here on Patreon) gave me the suggestion to generate five potential structures and flesh each of them out, complete with chapter titles.

So here I am finally getting to work on generating five (5!) different ideas for how to structure the memoir-in-progress.  I would love some help from any of you in coming up with the two I have yet to imagine. I also welcome feedback on the ideas I’ve generated already. 

I’ve attached a pdf with my musings on potential book structures. 

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