Morning creative time

Sometimes, like today, my mind is whizzing along too quickly to sit down and focus on writing. I’ve showered, cooked breakfast, rearranged my bedroom and shoveled snow (in April!!) and finally sat down to create – something. So this morning it is a list of things I want to create. It’s not an exhaustive list, just what’s top of mind right now. Some of these ideas have been around for months, like the photo-essay on logging as spiritual practice; some are brand new, like the Tame Your Anxiety Q and A call. Here’s the list:

Tame Anxiety – Local adult education class and free Q and A call and maybe an online class;

Photo-essay or blog post or book chapter – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Logging as a spiritual practice;

Article or blog post or ?? – Forest-bathing and nature-healing (draft in progress now);

Finish the list of possible book structures (see my earlier post for $8 Patrons);

Find suitable space for building a Reiki/energy healing practice;

Create and/or finish the handouts for my Astrology 101 class, including a new one on the modes and elements.

One of the frustrations for impatient creators like me is having all these ideas and knowing it will take time to begin, let alone finish any of them. It is a real lesson for me to remember to enjoy the whole darned process, from the idea popping into my head through to the editing process that can feel so grueling sometimes. 

Thanks for being here, thanks for supporting me! Feedback and comments are very much appreciated and I will respond!

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