Beyond 2020 recording



The darkest day
The Solstice Sun

The December Solstice of 2020 was a dramatic turning point in an already dramatic year, with the rare conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn occurring within hours of the Sun’s entry into Capricorn. This conjunction, at the 0 degree of Aquarius, is known as the “Great Mutation” and initiates us into new 20 year, 200 year, and 800 year cycles. The intervening centuries of the previous period of conjunctions in air signs brought both the Inquisition and the Renaissance, orthodoxy and creative liberation. The challenges of 2020 are bringing up perceived conflicts between technology and nature; multiple perspectives and controlled (orthodox) narratives; individual autonomy and collective well-being. What might be in store for us as the new cycles unfold?

In this 90 minute recorded class, Kristine draws from history, mythology, current events and astrological wisdom to offer perspective on the new beginnings of this time. She also covers some of the key influences of 2021 and beyond.

Purchase includes access to video and audio-only recordings along with a pdf of the presentation slides via a password protected class resources page.



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