The shock of the new: Astrology of 2024



The crisis and contraction of 2020 culminates in a new beginning in 2026. Whereas 2023 was a pivot point in this period of intense change, 2024 offers us a taste of the future.

In this online workshop (live or by recording) – on November 27th, Kristine offers a preview and interpretation of the major planetary alignments and movements of 2024, and how to understand their relevance to your life. From the breakthrough potential of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in April; to the final shift of power planet Pluto into Aquarius; through the eclipses of spring and fall; to the rare retrograde of Mars in December, the year 2024 brings even more big changes to our societies and our personal lives.

The workshop will provide practical guidance on how to work with these influences on a personal level, as well as how to find the events in your own personal birth chart.

Date and time: November 27th, 2023; 3pm Mountain/5pm Eastern (US); all registrants receive the recording, slide presentation and handout.