My Saturn Story

The planet Saturn in astrology represents manifestation, achievement, authority, and karma. When we are out of alignment with ourselves, or living according to external rules, Saturn lets us know. I imagine many others will recognize themselves in the disappointment, burnout and discomfort of living life according to ‘should’, ‘could’, and external measures of success. 

Cosmic Wisdom for the Solstice

Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily: Stand in your truth for the new year, and the new age On The Natural Wisdom Podcast This was another amazing conversation with Emily Trinkaus, full of cosmic wisdom for this season of new beginnings and the big shifts coming in the new year. We talked about the powerContinue reading “Cosmic Wisdom for the Solstice”

More than enough: Dr. Gulara Vincent

More than enough: A conversation with Dr. Gulara Vincent On The Natural Wisdom Podcast This was a lovely conversation with teacher, healer, and author Dr. Gulara Vincent on realizing we are more than enough. Gulara uses a wide array of cutting edge healing modalities to help people resolve old traumas to improve every aspect ofContinue reading “More than enough: Dr. Gulara Vincent”

Super sensitive Super power

Super sensitive is a super power: with Belinda Noakes On The Natural Wisdom Podcast It was such a pleasure to talk with my dear friend Belinda Noakes, a therapist and coach who works with super-sensitive people – like me! Our journeys have been shockingly parallel, from quitting our corporate careers in 2010, to visiting theContinue reading “Super sensitive Super power”

Everything is Energy

Everything is Energy: Beyond the stories On The Natural Wisdom Podcast Everything is energy, according to ancient wisdom and modern physics. But what does that mean, and why might it matter? In this episode of the Natural Wisdom Podcast, Kristine talks about sensing your own unique energy signature and why it is especially important forContinue reading “Everything is Energy”