Overwhelm is a symptom of control

Overwhelmed? Time to claim your power (and let go of control).

About a month ago, I met with my business coach to talk about some ideas I had for what I would be working on next. I had spent the summer pretty much focused on writing my Saturn book, and now I was thinking about a new online offering (coming very soon!); pursuing corporate leadership development contracts; building my local client base by renting an office that had just come available; and still staying focused on the book. 

When I finished sharing my thoughts about deciding where to put my focus, my coach said this to me:

“You need to stop trying to stay in control and step into your power. Do it all, and see what sticks.”

His words felt like a Uranian flash of lightning, in large part because I have been talking for months about the need to remember our true power, and release the need for control. I knew he was right – that my attempt to ‘stay focused’ on just one thing was an attempt to keep my life under control, more manageable, less overwhelming. And – that restriction of my energy is a big part of what keeps me from expanding and growing and receiving what I want.

So I took his advice and began following all the threads I saw in front of me, on top of some time-consuming personal and family business, visits from friends and family, and general end-of-summer busyness.

I promptly ended up in a sense of overwhelm – until I realized this, too, was a result of (still) trying to ‘stay in control’, and to make things happen faster than they wanted, and to get certain results rather than simply follow the energy. Following the energy means committing to put time and effort into the priorities I have set for myself, and pay close attention to what comes of it. Does it feel enlivening to set up some conversations with people in the corporate world and present my ideas? Am I excited about a new online offering? Does it feel ‘right’ to sign the lease for the office and start advertising in my town for clients?

In addition to following my energy and what lights me up, the flip side is ‘listening’ to what life has to say in response. The response from life has showed me that some things will take more time, and some of my efforts are right on track right now. I already have local clients booked in the new space; the conversations about corporate work have been fun and informative, and led to new contacts; and I have scheduled a free workshop on Friday the 13th to talk about power and control, and my new offerings. 

My sense of overwhelm, once I stopped trying to force results or speed up the process, has become a sense of fullness and excitement. It takes practice and dedication to keep from slipping back into impatience and ‘get ‘er done’ mode. And of course, we are just now moving into the last set of eclipses of 2023, so anything and everything can change in an instant. 

Want to hear more about power versus control and why this topic is a big deal this month during eclipse season? Join me on October 13th, 2023 at 10 am Mountain, live or by recording. Register here.

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