Does the fear of persecution hold you back?

Does the fear of persecution keep you from your natural wisdom? Prevent you from speaking what you know? In this episode of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, healer Belinda Noakes and I went there – to the echoes in today’s world of the Inquisition and the ‘burning times’, the difficulty in holding our center and our balance during a time of intense polarization, and some work on healing the trauma.

In the last 20 minutes, Belinda led me through a healing exercise to clear the fear of even having this conversation and releasing it on the podcast!!

We touched on polarizing topics, yet with the intention of holding space for all viewpoints. Clearly, The Natural Wisdom Podcast takes the ‘side’ of staying connected with ourselves as nature, and there is tension today between natural versus synthetic/technological treatments for everything from human health to climate. It is my great desire to contribute to awareness that allows us to make conscious choices on the personal and collective level that keep us in touch with our membership in the Earth’s ecosystem.

I’d love to know what you think when you listen. You can also find the episode on your favorite podcast platform starting tomorrow (Saturday).

P.S. If you are curious about the workshop I mentioned during the conversation, you can find it here: 

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