An unplanned break from – everything!

I had  a very nasty accident on Monday, involving an open trap door into a subterranean crawl space. I’m too shy to post pics of the bruises, so chose instead to share the plant ally helping me through – Arnica Montana. Just looking at the photo brings me cheer. I also have homeopathic concoctions for pain management (I don’t like pharmaceuticals), bruising, edema, etc.

As a committed astrologer, of course I looked at the planetary alignments for understanding WTF. The Scorpio Moon had completed a wildly tense arrangement with Uranus (rules breaks and often trauma), Saturn (tense, rules bones), and Mars (cuts, separates, acts). The configuration, all in fixed signs, was in close alignment with my natal and progressed Moon (rules the body). Pluto rules the Underworld) is also in a crucial position for me.

The incident brought me to a full stop this week. My body is requiring huge amounts of rest to tend to the healing process and I am obliging. This is a repeat of another Uranian lesson I experienced years ago: I have to allow the brokenness in order to allow the healing. Honoring my body means loving it even when all I can do is rest.

It is a challenging lesson for those of us who grew up believing we needed to push through the pain, get back in the saddle as soon as possible, grit our teeth (really painful as my chin broke my fall) and keep going, etc.

I’ve been counting my blessings there was no concussion or broken bones (beyond a potentially cracked upper rib). I’m grateful, too, to the plant I love so much for helping me through. And of course, to my body itself, with its miraculous sturdiness and resilience.

Next task is likely a podcast episode on injury as teacher, and the magic of getting out of our own way to support our natural capacity for wholeness.

And if you haven’t yet had a chance to listen, there are a couple of meditations on the planets up on the Natural Wisdom podcast, in addition to the first official episode. More soon on the next one! (Plus – it should be up on Apple soon!)

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