Back with my new creation – The Natural Wisdom Podcast!

Dear all,

After taking several months off to sort out some next steps, I decided it was time to create a podcast, and Patreon seems like the right place to share it, and to ask for support. 

I have to admit it is somewhat daunting to create something like a podcast, even though it seems like everyone is doing it. You’ll get to watch as I figure out the how, and if you have advice I’m willing to listen.

The platform I’ve chosen is, in large part because it is offered with my WordPress-based website,  I’ll be doing some of the episodes myself, as well as inviting guests, all in service to offering insight and practical guidance to guiding us back to our innate health and well-being, by remembering ourselves as Nature. 

The first episode is scheduled for Saturday, July 10th, at 10 a.m. Mountain. Patrons at the $8 tier can join me live via Zoom as I share information and practices on aligning our personal rhythms with those of the natural world. Think biorhythms, circadian rhythms, and their connection with planetary cycles. I’ll post the Zoom link here on Patreon a few days before the podcast. I’d love to have some of you there!

In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted on the process of creation. Now that the planet Mercury is moving forward again, I feel the momentum building – starting with today’s re-launch of my Patreon page!

Have a request for a podcast topic? Let me know!

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