What is your heart’s knowing at this Leo New Moon?

The Sun and the Moon come together as the New Moon in Leo tonight at  8:42 pm Mountain. Among other archetypes we have talked about over the  past weeks, Leo signifies the Divine Child and the inner child, and  wants to play. With communication planet Mercury active at this  lunation, we also talked about many ways we can express ourselves  (including play).
Mercury coming together with the Sun in Leo, happening just yesterday,  suggests we pay attention to our heart’s knowing, and act from that  place.

Our prompts for the short writing session were these:  

  • List your favorite forms of play as a child and now; or
  • Who were/are your favorite characters in stories?

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:   

  • What is your heart’s knowing right now; or
  • What character would you most want to play as an actor?

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