Dree your wyrd!

The Full Moon in Aquarius was Monday, amplified and electrified by a  dynamic square angle to the planet Uranus. Many people have reported  sleepless nights! The Leo/Aquarius axis has to do with our creativity,  self-expression, and how we offer our unique authentic selves to our  wider community. The challenge is to allow ourselves to be completely  ourselves and find belonging that way, rather than shrinking from our  fear of rejection for being, well, weird.
There is an old Celtic saying to “dree your wyrd”, meaning to be  steadfast in embracing your unique destiny. As we approach the ancient  cross-quarter holy day of Lamas (“loaf-mass”), in the heart of the Leo  lion, we can choose the freedom to be ourselves.

Our prompts for the short writing session were these:  

  • Define what freedom means for you; or
  • Describe what makes you unique.

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:   

  • What are you beginning to harvest in this ‘first harvest’ season? or
  • What ‘wyrd’ will you ‘dree’, i.e. what destiny will you be steadfast in?

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