So many ideas….

Yesterday’s Aquarius Full Moon was in a hard angle to ‘the Great Awakener’, the planet Uranus (more on this in today’s Writing Studio). What that means in plain English is that the past few days have had a sense of restlessness, but also inspiration. I’ve found it hard to settle, as well as to sleep, and my mind has been going in many directions at once with ideas for classes, essays, and more. 

I have a draft essay as a sort of rebuttal to an old article (that I just read) in The Atlantic lamenting the veering away from ‘facts’ and ‘science’, and generally disparaging all things New Age. While I understand the sentiment, the ‘great divorce’ between the-world-as-intelligent-and-magic and the-world-as-lifeless-and-mechanistic is the root of all evil today. 

The same theme underlies another draft essay tentatively titled “The Karma of Health”, in which I am drawing heavily from psychoneuroimmunology and the work of Dr. Mario Martinez on the ways in which our cultural indoctrination (my word) greatly affects our health, longevity, and even financial success.

It was a bit easier to write a short update to you than dive into the essays and other computer work on my list, and it fits with my desire to post more frequently here as I release myself from the fear/shame matrix of social media. 

More later!

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