Another New Moon in Cancer, and a comet!

Happy New Moon in Cancer (again)! Today (Tuesday)  we are still in the ‘dark of the Moon’, the period before the Moon becomes visible again as it separates from the Sun. Yesterday (Monday, July 20th)  was the second New Moon in Cancer, highlighting themes of autonomy versus belonging, personal versus social, and instinct versus logic. Cancer, the sign of the Great Mother, has much to do with our sense of belonging, with tribe, with our definition of ‘family’, including our Soul family.

We also talked about the Neowise Comet, visible in the northern sky after dark. Comets have generally been seen as harbingers of doom in history, perhaps unsurprising given the coincidence of this one with the pandemic of 2020. Here is the source from which I quoted about the astrology of Comet Neowise:

Our prompts for the short writing session were these:

  • List a few intentions for this coming Lunar cycle, either the month or six months; or 
  • .”Right now, my instincts say….”

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:

  • Take one of your intentions and write in detail how you will feel/think/be when it is achieved and expressed; or
  • Write of a defining event in your/your character’s life in separating from the authority of parents, or defining your own agency; or
  • Write of how you are personally experiencing the tensions we talked about.

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