Writing prompts for July 14th

We are in the last week of the Cancer Lunar cycle that began at the Solstice on June 20th. This final phase of the Moon is called the Waning Half Moon, and is a time to focus on what remains from the beginning of the cycle. 

We talked quite a bit about Mars today, symbol of the archetypal masculine. The planet is in its ‘domicile’, Aries, meaning it is at home. Mars spend today next to the asteroid Chiron, the ‘wounded healer’ and leader of the centaurs who initiated young people as warriors. So, the warrior next to his mentor. 

Our themes were along the lines of seeing through our propensity for war and conflict in how we view life.

Our prompts for the short writing session were these:

  • What is your focus, now?
  • List some of the words and phrases in popular culture that speak of war and conflict, winning and losing.

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:

  • Write of a time when you surrendered or made peace, perhaps found your enemy was part of yourself;
  • Explore the concept of ‘asserting agency’ without conflict.

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