Writing Prompts from June 9th

The view ahead

Yesterday’s Moon in Aquarius was in the phase known as the ‘disseminating’ phase, just a few days after Friday’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. The disseminating phase has a feeling of overflowing, of needing to share with others. The Moon is still very bright in the sky, albeit beginning its waning towards the new cycle.

Last week we talked about releasing old beliefs (South Node in Sagittarius) and rediscovering curiosity (North Node in Gemini). Today, I brought in the theme of our world view, and how it changes through time. I also used the word ‘apocalypse’ to describe my sense of what is happening during this Eclipse season. The word ‘apocalypse’ comes from two words meaning ‘to remove what covers’. In other words, as Toto is doing in the picture above from The Wizard of Oz, to pull back the curtain and reveal who is pulling the strings.

It is my sense that our collective world view is undergoing a radical shift, perhaps as it did at the time of the previous Eclipse at the same degree of Sagittarius in June of 2001.

Our prompts for the short writing session were these:

  • Think of some times in your life when your view of the world shifted significantly, perhaps in 2001, or around the ages of 19 or 37;
  • Describe one of your beliefs about the world and how it has changed over time.

Our longer writing period began with these prompts:

  • Compare the two views from the photos – the big view and the close-up;
  • Write about ‘the apocalypse’;
  • Start with “When the curtain was pulled back, and the man pulling the strings was revealed”……

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