About Venus… and another free writing studio session!

Below is a brief recap of my astro-talk today at the Writing Studio, plus the prompts we used. Want to join in the fun? Sign up for the free Studio session on Saturday, March 21st from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Mountain time.

We just passed the First Quarter, or Waxing Half Moon, a time of redoubling our efforts toward whatever we started at the Pisces New Moon on the 23rd. In celebration of the Venus preparing to move back into her home sign of Taurus, today’s astro-talk was all about the Goddess of Love.

In astrology, Venus represents, of course, love – but also the delights and pleasures of the five senses, and of being a human being on Earth. Beauty, music, art, food are all under the purview of the second planet from the Sun. Relationship comes under Venus, as does self-worth and what we value. The two signs affiliated with Venus are feminine earth sign Taurus, and cardinal air sign Libra. Taurus, where Venus will be as of tomorrow, is associated with the fertility, creativity, and productivity of the middle of spring, when the land springs to life and all things begin to grow.

Our first prompts were a series of lists to get us started:
List some experiences you find pleasurable, beautiful, harmonious.
List what makes you feel worthy, what builds your self-esteem.

Our longer writing periods began with these prompts:
Write of an experience using all five senses – physical sensations, tastes, sounds, smells, sights.
Use the Boticelli painting of Venus and create a story from that.

Or, begin with the sentence:
Then one day, I decided I was worth more and took action……

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