What are your big dreams?

Sunday’s New Moon was in Pisces, sign of the two fishes swimming in opposite direction, pointing to our unity with all the Cosmos, and the dichotomy of Spirit and Body. As the last sign in the Zodiac, Pisces marks the end of the Solar year. We are at an ending, as well as the beginning of a new Lunar cycle. And, we are at the end of winter, readying for the beginning of spring.

The traditional planetary ruler of Pisces is Jupiter, as the planet that pulls us to expand and make meaning of our lives. In Tuesday’s writing salon, we talked more about Jupiter and its different expressions in Pisces and the other sign it rules, Sagittarius.
Dreams, magic, and our hidden connection with all of Creation guided our prompts yesterday:

What dreams have you forgotten?
What have your dreams been telling you lately?

Think of a time when you felt connected, and part of the Great Universe, and write that experience.

Or, begin with one of these sentences:

“In my greatest dreams, I become……”

 “It was a time of magic and mystery, when anything was possible.”

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