Light at the end of the tunnel

As many of you know, these past couple of years have held some big challenges for me. You have been a significant source of support during this time, and I appreciate you! And, suddenly (or so it feels) there is light at the end of a long dark tunnel.

Most significant and obvious of the changes beginning to happen is a gift of time: I am no longer working six (and sometimes seven) days a week. Between a part-time job to provide a stable source of income (albeit at $12  per hour!), teaching, a few readings here and there, and a mash-up of various gigs, there has been little time for the reflection and rumination that are essential components of creating. Basic survival, in the modern sense of that word, has been at the forefront of my days for some time. 

My inner critic has been hard at work chastising me for not having a regular writing practice beyond my journal. I finally realized it isn’t just a question of time, or of carving out a couple of dedicated hours per week to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. The real lack is not just of time, but also of energy. Creative energy – especially for women – comes through quiet time, play, and rest. 

Although I won’t make any promises (again) to myself or to you about chapters or stories, etc., I feel my creativity returning. I am also in the midst of devising a ‘writer’s salon’ which I will offer in the New Year, in part to fuel my own writing efforts.

All that said, some of my creations are going really well. My naturopath partner and I held our wellness retreat for caretakers last month and it went extremely well. So well, in fact, that I am inspired to offer more retreats in the future. I’m also teaching yoga a couple of times per week, requiring the creativity to keep my classes fresh and responsive to the students who attend. 

Perhaps my favorite weekly creation, though, is a local astrology class here in Livingston. It is unique enough, apparently, to have been featured by a Bozeman TV station, and recently in the local paper! 

So, once again – thank you for being here! We’ll see how life continues to unfold, what the new year brings in terms of writing and other creations.

With love,


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