Super Blue Blood Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: Get serious about living joyfully!

As I sit down to write this, the Super (at its closest point to the Earth) Blue (second full moon in one month) Blood ( Lunar Eclipse) Full Moon is slowly waning behind the shadow of the Earth. The Moon is at 11 degrees of  (tropical) Leo, the sign of self-expression, leadership, joy and fun. Yet we are only at the halfway mark of the New Moon cycle that began in Capricorn on January 16th, with its hallmark themes of dedication, commitment, boundaries, and hard work. 

So, at this extra potent Full Moon, we have the opportunity to turn the power of our commitment and dedication to living joyfully as none other than our full-on, beautiful, creative, unique selves. There is no time like the present to remember the real purpose of our lives: to live them fully and completely!

With the Moon in Leo, the Sun is directly across the sky in the sign of Aquarius, the water-bearer and cultural wisdom-keeper. The opposition between Sun and Moon at the Full Moon brings us the opportunity to integrate the polarities of opposing signs. In this case, we balance our need to be ourselves and lead our individual lives with the higher perspective of offering our creations to the collective as our gift to our communities. I write because it is part of my joy and I offer it to you.

As a Lunar Eclipse, and in the sign of Leo, this Full Moon triggers the themes that began for us last August with the Total Solar Eclipse, also in the sign of Leo. Eclipses also operate in nineteen-year cycles (the time it takes for the Lunar Nodes to traverse the zodiac), so it can be useful to look back to 1999 for bigger life themes that are ripe for conclusion.

Here in Montana, the Moon will be exactly full in just less than an hour, at 6:27 a.m. I am up, joyfully writing about it, continuing my own journey of bringing my creations to light, whether via Patreon or my blog or teaching local adult continuing education classes.

 I wish you a joyfully creative day, month, and nineteen years!

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