Guru story

One of the stories to be told in the memoir is that of finding a guru. I wasn’t actually looking for one, but when I arrived in India, the yoga school had a board out front filled with pictures of the various saints and sages, including this famous shot of Ramana Maharshi. I’d heard of him, studied his words a little, and the picture captured my attention. 

It took a second trip to India to finally make it to his ashram, where I stayed for the full four days allowed to visitors before I found a room for rent in the village.

That a Western woman quits her corporate job, travels to India and finds a (long-dead) guru seemed like a story I wanted to read about. I found books about Western men following the Maharshi, but no white women. So, one of the reasons for this Patreon endeavor is to gain enough support I can devote time to this story, and what comes after.  

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