Co-create your life with the planets

Down to earth astrology

Imagine if, during a particularly challenging time, you were handed the script of the play that is your life and offered a chance to co-direct.

A reading of your astrological birth chart gives you the information you need to share the director’s chair.

Each of us is on our own unique heroine’s (or hero’s) journey. We are the protagonist, the star of our life story. In an astrological context, the signs of the zodiac describe the setting of our personal play; the planets are the actors; and the houses delineate the scenes.

By learning the language, characters, and context, we gain the ability to co-direct.

Our birth chart is a record and a map of our soul’s story. It shows us our inborn physical, emotional and mental tendencies, our karma. While in past centuries astrologers often used their skills to pinpoint and predict actual physical events, the real value today lies more in bringing to light what is on the inside of us. Our chart describes our unique blend of the qualities of the planets as they express through the zodiac signs in the arenas of our lives marked by the houses.

Astrology’s blend of astronomy, mythology, psychology and nature offers us a language with which to communicate with our souls and the natural world about our lives.

The words of the language are the mythological stories that express timeless, universal themes of being human on this planet. The planets, for instance, each represent archetypes or universal patterns of human behavior. We each contain all of them: stern, authoritative Saturn; assertive Mars; harmonious Venus; each describes an element of our make-up.

The qualities of each planet live in us based on how they are moderated by sign and house placement. As well, we have the opportunity to bring their shadows to light, to balance them with each other, and to put them into practice in the most constructive way possible for us.

Will our personal Mars, planet of will, give us clarity about our desires or fall into anger when we don’t get our way? Is our Venus manipulative and indulgent or does she bring beauty and true pleasure into our lives and the lives of others?

Rather than showing us a predestined fate, understanding the patterns in our chart offers us the opportunity to co-create our lives with the forces of nature. In every aspect of ourselves and our birth charts we can learn how to develop more skillful approaches. We can express our internal planetary energies constructively or destructively.

Fate and free will move together in the dance of life on Earth.

When we can read the map, on our own or with the help of an astrologer, we can make choices in line with our soul’s desires. We can become the co-directors of our own unique play.


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