Aquarius New Moon 2023

New Moon, new age in Aquarius After an introspective close to 2022, we are finally building some forward momentum.  The recent retrograde energies have given us a chance to review the stories that draw and channel our energy, and define our world (and our karma).  The old Moon in Capricorn, sinking towards its union with the Sun at theContinue reading “Aquarius New Moon 2023”

Cosmic Wisdom for the Solstice

Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily: Stand in your truth for the new year, and the new age On The Natural Wisdom Podcast This was another amazing conversation with Emily Trinkaus, full of cosmic wisdom for this season of new beginnings and the big shifts coming in the new year. We talked about the powerContinue reading “Cosmic Wisdom for the Solstice”

‘Your word is your wand’: Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily

In another epic conversation between Kristine and astrologer/teacher Emily Trinkaus, we discussed the wisdom of astrology, what we are really doing as astrologers, and how we wield our knowledge consciously as we enter the Aquarian age.