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Astrology. Ayurveda. The yoga tradition. Radical well-being. Authentic leadership. Sovereignty.

What all of my offerings have in common is a radical grounding in natural wisdom. Natural wisdom originates in the natural world – on the Earth and in the Cosmos – and becomes available to us when we integrate mind, heart, soul and body and align our lives with the natural world.

Nature contains both –

  • light and dark; 
  • being and doing; 
  • ascent and descent; 
  • action and rest. 

So do we, when we break old patterns and paradigms, and release the old story that tells us –

  • the head knows better than the gut and heart;
  • giving is better than receiving;
  • the world is based on competition and hierarchy (rather than cooperation and self-organization);
  • humans are apart from, rather than a part of Nature.

The new (and ancient) story is that we are part of the Earth, the Sun, Moon and planets, and they are part of us, as our Circadian rhythms, the elements that make up our flesh and bones, the forces that drive every action and reaction in our bodies.

“The idea that we live in something called ‘the environment’ is utterly preposterous….The world that environs us, that is around us, is also within us. We are made of it; we eat, drink and breathe it; it is bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh.”

Wendell Berry, quoted in “The Yoga of Eating” by Charles Eisenstein

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

Hermes Trismegistus, mythical teacher, magician, and alchemist

It is past time to reclaim our selves as Nature, and critical for our survival. 

We can learn to live in alignment with the intelligence of our bodies and the rhythms of the natural world, no matter where we are.

We can learn to honor our bodies, our food, our daily rituals, and in so doing, honor the Earth and all of nature.

We can learn to see the unconscious assumptions and beliefs that contribute to the old story, and by seeing them, we can break out of the ‘Matrix’ the create in our minds.

We can learn alone, but sometimes it can be helpful to work with a guide who is on this journey, too; has descended to the Underworld and faced shadows; has released some of the programming of lack and fear; and has learned that the path of true sovereignty is an embodied way of being that feels joyful, natural, and in alignment with our soul and the ‘soul of the world’, the anima mundi

“Inhabiting your body – reuniting with its intelligence – is one of the most potent political statements you can make.”

Philip Shepherd in The Embodiment Manifesto

Mentoring starts where you are, and follows your unique journey to reclaiming your natural wisdom.

In the mentoring journey, we draw upon the wisdom of yoga, its sister science Ayurveda, astrology, and other nature-based traditions to reconnect with ourselves, our bodies, the cosmos, and the Earth Herself. We delve into the ways in which our world and our lives went out of balance, and focus on how to come back to our center.

This mentorship provides support at all levels of being, and is specifically tailored to your journey. In each session, we’ll learn, share, and experience through suggested reading, discussion, and practical exercises.

It was the greatest thing to happen to me in a long time that had nothing to do with me as a worker, employee, leader, academic, or other masculine role. It was 100% about and for me as a woman. It’s a very exciting time because your mentorship primed me to be open and trusting. Plus, you are super amazingly cool and calm. You’re like a deep mountain stream. You have been the right teacher at the right time.  Xoxo  

Beth C.

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About your guide

Kristine Backes is a teacher, healer, astrologer and writer who left a decades-long corporate communications career in 2010 in search of freedom. In the course of the next seven years – one Saturn cycle – Kristine deepened her knowledge and practice of yoga; immersed herself in its sister science of Ayurveda; learned Reiki energy healing; and uncovered a deep intuition about astrology she did not know she had.  

She also became intimate with herself, her soul, and her feminine nature. Her education included two journeys to India followed by several years as a partner in a natural health clinic in Portland, then her return to Montana and her original teacher, the mountains. 

Kristine’s soul’s passion is showing people how to listen to their own innate wisdom by moving in closer harmony with the natural world and its rhythms. Kristine is a registered yoga teacher, certified Reiki Master and hold a master’s degree in organizational leadership.

What others say about Kristine –

I have the extraordinary fortune of witnessing women embody their Souls every summer at my Soul Fire Retreat. Every single ensouled woman blows my mind and my heart wide open. Kristine Backes came to the very first Soul Fire retreat and I will never forget how she LOOKED at each of us on the last night of the retreat: AUTHENTIC NOBLE TRUE WISE POWER. Lucky for all of us, she is offering an online mentorship for women called Embodied Service that is rooted in Soul, Astrology, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, and so much natural healing wisdom. – Sera Beak, author, Redvolutionary

 …. I deeply value (Kristine’s) integrity, wisdom, and grounded presence. She’s a skilled astrologer with an approach that’s practical, positive, accessible and healing. She’s passionate about helping others, and draws on a great range of skills, knowledge and experience. Emily Trinkaus – Astrologer, Writer, Galactic Priestess

Kristine holds the earth in her body and heart. She’s a calm, patient and loving guide through the madness of modern life towards ways of living that align with what truly nourishes us. The prescription is different for each person, but through every reading and consultation winds a common thread: deep respect for the planet, for your human body and for the soul that illuminates your human form. After saving her own life, she’s sharing some of the wisdom she’s gained. And it’s priceless. – Belinda Noakes – Courage Coach