Domination or co-creation – with your body

Domination or co-creation – what is your relationship with your body? On The Natural Wisdom Podcast The body is an expression of the Soul, and how you treat your body is a direct reflection of how you treat the Earth. But our dominator culture teaches us to control our bodies, rather than learn to deeplyContinue reading “Domination or co-creation – with your body”

Authenticity with James Deneka Lavers

Become a beacon: A conversation on authenticity with James Deneka Lavers On The Natural Wisdom Podcast In this time of transition and entering the age of Aquarius, one of the watchwords is authenticity. But what is it, how do we do it, and is it worth it? Guru-maker James Deneka Lavers joins the podcast toContinue reading “Authenticity with James Deneka Lavers”

Send your body some love…

Here is another guided meditation for calling in compassion and unconditional love for your body. Just under a half hour, this recording offers a simple, grounded practice of connecting with breath and body. Offered via The Retreat Space, an online refuge where you can find resources for being human.

Return to Your Light

We passed the halfway point of winter when the Sun crossed 15 degrees of Aquarius on February 3rd. The returning of the light was marked in ancient times by cross-quarter holidays, celebrations tied to the points in-between the equinoxes and solstices. In this case Imbolc, or Candlemas, celebrated the first hints of spring. The AquariusContinue reading “Return to Your Light”