Heal your birth with Charlotte Kanyi

Charlotte Kanyi helps women choose their birth experience, and all people heal trauma around their own birth. ‘Birth and the first hours immediately after are a potent time for imprinting.’ On The Natural Wisdom Podcast.

‘Your word is your wand’: Cosmic Wisdom with Kristine and Emily

In another epic conversation between Kristine and astrologer/teacher Emily Trinkaus, we discussed the wisdom of astrology, what we are really doing as astrologers, and how we wield our knowledge consciously as we enter the Aquarian age.

The late summer holyday of Lammas, first harvest

This coming Sunday, August 7th, the Sun reaches the 15th degree of Leo. This marks the ancient holy day of Lammas, or Lughnasadh, and the first harvest celebration. This year, this time falls at the mid-point of Eclipse seasons, stirring up themes from late April and early May as well as giving us a previewContinue reading “The late summer holyday of Lammas, first harvest”