In the belly of the mother

In the belly of the mother Groundhog Day is right around the corner. In ancient times this holiday was known as Imbolc, meaning ‘in the belly of the mother’. The seeds of life are germinating in her dark belly, waiting for the light of spring.  The astrologically precise date of Imbolc is when the SunContinue reading “In the belly of the mother”

Own the shadows and the light

We are in relationship with everything. Relationship is a fundamental aspect of life itself. And how we choose to relate determines the quality of our lives. Whether it is a another person, our vehicle, our body, or our self, we have the option of honoring or not, appreciating or not, loving or not. How weContinue reading “Own the shadows and the light”

What nourishes you at the Cancer New Moon/ Solar Eclipse

It is (finally) unmistakably summer here in Montana. After a long, cold, snowy winter and cold, wet spring, we are in that period when the days are still long and bright, the flood waters have receded, and Nature seems unstoppable and inexhaustible. As we approach the Caner New Moon and Solar Eclipse on Thursday, theContinue reading “What nourishes you at the Cancer New Moon/ Solar Eclipse”