Surreal beauty – and Saturday’s podcast episode

Sometimes the very real beauty of this place seems surreal. We are enjoying a wet and brilliant early summer here in the mountains, and it is spectacular, even if it means getting soaked on occasion.

The short summer season alone can bring overwhelm, with the long days and urgent pull to get outside as much as possible. Add to that the new services I am offering based on completing my first Compassion Key training; plus my Discover Karma in Astrology course; and – my decision to create a fundraiser for the next level of Compassion Key training (more soon)……and life is a wild ride. 

This Saturday on the podcast, I’ll be talking a little about the astrology of the moment and how it may be feeding that sense of wildness for more than just me. I will also continue on the theme of karma as I spend a little time on the topic of astrology and free will, and how not to give over power to the planets (or anything else). This is a continuation on a theme, as you likely well know by now! The link will be posted Friday morning.

Next month, I hope to bring back some former guests and perhaps host some new ones to explore ways of reclaiming our natural wisdom, and living more Soul-led and joy-filled lives.

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