The karma of money

I have been on a roll on the subject of karma lately,  what it is or isn’t, and why it matters. Given the current astrological line-up, and this Saturday’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus, karma is an apt topic, specifically as it relates to money, embodiment, our relationship with the Earth, and how all these topics are tied together. I wrote an earlier blog post on the topic, too, and will be exploring further in this week’s podcast episode in my conversation with Belinda Noakes.

The easiest way to describe karma is as a reflection of what we ‘hold in our hearts’, our belief system, both conscious and unconscious, individual and collective. Our deeply held beliefs determine our thoughts, speech, actions and therefore, our destiny.

For the past couple of months, I have been participating in an online course on seeing and releasing  karmic patterns using the power of self-directed compassion. I was familiar with the Compassion Key work through Belinda, who is a master practitioner, but did not fully grasp the power of it until now.

In Friday’s podcast episode, we’ll be talking specifically about karma and money. In my view, our collective relationship with money is at the heart of our relationship with the Earth. If we reclaim our understanding of and connection to money, we can create a more harmonious relationship with the planet.

For many of us,  our relationship with money is based on any number of visible and invisible beliefs that can keep us stuck. How many of us, for example, deep (or maybe not so deep) down think it is wrong to be wealthy; that if we are wealthy, others can’t be; that if we are wealthy we will do all the things we see other wealthy people doing that seem to be harming the planet? How many of us have a sense that poverty is noble; doing more with less is admirable; and giving is so much better than receiving?

Yet, when we are fully and completely aligned with our own Soul, wealth becomes the capacity to express ourselves more fully, to help others, to create a beautiful life in harmony with nature.

The next few weeks of Eclipse season, and particularly at this weekend’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus, and the May 16th Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, may bring some of our deeply buried beliefs around money to the surface. Eclipses act as catalysts for change, especially given the prominence of the planet Uranus this year. we have an opportunity to pay attention to the ways in which we are driven by fear as well as assumptions around money.

I will be sharing some of the highlights of the Eclipse astrology this Friday. And of course, if you want a personalized understanding of how the Eclipses are operating in your life, book some time with me for a detailed review and discussion!

P.S. For those who are tracking Venus in her descent to the Underworld, I created a handout to help you work with her journey. It is attached to this post or you can find it here.


  1. Dawn Basini says:

    I look forward to your insights. I find them very helpful

    1. kristineeb2013 says:

      Thank you Dawn! It is going to be a fascinating conversation, I think.

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