Earth and sky at Friday’s Full Moon

Have you been lost in the vastness of the Pisces ocean lately? We  can get lost in vastness. Whether it is an expanse of big sky, or an ocean, or a blissful meditation, the sheer openness can take us out of ourselves. Sometimes that’s necessary and nice! But in the open waters  of Pisces season, with so much emphasis on expansion, connection, and feeling everything and everyone, it is really helpful to lean into the  opposite energy of earthy Virgo by keeping our feet on the ground and  some of our attention in our physical, embodied experience.

This Friday’s Virgo Full Moon provides the counterbalance to the plethora of planets in watery, infinite, sensitive Pisces. Virgo, an Earth sign, signifies the methods by which we prepare the harvest. The Virgo Full Moon comes every year around the time we get the urge to spring clean – our homes, bodies, perhaps even minds and hearts. This year, the time of purification comes at the very end of the Pisces cycle, just two days prior to the first day of spring, when the Sun moves into Aries and begins a new Zodiac year.

God(dess) knows we have a lot to release after the past couple of years. This Full Moon and subsequent Aries Equinox are just a couple of cycles of completion and renewal this year, another set of opportunities to release the toxicity of fear and hatred we see in the media on a daily basis. 

In a previous post I shared a simple home cleanse e-booklet. Coming  up this Saturday, March 19th on The Natural Wisdom Podcast I will be joined by spiritual herbalist Angela Segraves. We will be talking about herbal allies for this time of shifting energies, as well as the connection between herbalism and astrology. I’ll post the link on Friday for $8 patrons to join us live; the audio recording will be on the podcast by Saturday afternoon. 

As the Moon grows full, our emotions and sensitivities may follow suit. Leaning into the Earth realm this week can help us keep the energies flowing. If you don’t have the luxury, as I do, of sitting in the mountains, there are lots of other ways to ground. Feel your feet on the Earth (even in shoes, inside will work), cook a meal, eat a meal slowly and consciously, meditate, dance, hang out with a tree or animal. Or just focus on something small and close, associated with Virgo, rather than big and vast. 

I hope to see some of you Saturday!

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