Pisces season – echoes, culmination, and free-flowing expansion

The topics for this Saturday’s podcast episode are guided by the New Moon in Pisces. As the last sign in the Zodiac and the transition to a new Solar year, Pisces offers a chance to take stock of the year behind. At this particular New Moon, it feels as if we are both closing out and feeling the echo of the past two years of crisis. 

This New Moon, with its close conjunction to Jupiter, marks a significant shift in the energetic quality of the time, specifically from a long period of contraction to the opportunity for free-flowing expansion. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, opportunity, faith, and freedom is finally getting its day. It is at home in Pisces, the sign of the numinous, mysterious, ocean of consciousness. Pisces is limitless and unbounded. This is the place where dreams dwell, as do illusions and delusions. 

All this openness has its shadow, of course, in the temptation to get carried away by fantasies and feelings. Plus, there is still an intensity to this New Moon while Mars and Venus pass over Pluto one last time. Mars with Pluto marked the beginning of the pandemic; this year it marked the beginning of the Ukraine conflict. Pluto’s work is to excavate shadows. Buried fears and ways in which power is abused will continue to erupt, both within ourselves and collectively. The trick for each of us is to keep our commitment to listening to our own wisdom, rather than allow ourselves to be pulled into focusing on the enemy of the day. We will have peace when we learn to be peace, and every effort each of us makes toward acting from love matters.

Pisces and its opposite sign of Virgo make up the axis of preparation and purification. The ineffable mystery of Pisces stands in opposition to the grounded, embodied quality of Virgo, yet the two are not mutually exclusive. Rather, they are ends of the spectrum and like all oppositions, call for integration. 

The two signs mark seasons of purification, fasting, and cleansing – one at the transition to spring, and the other at the transition to fall.  Honoring a ritual of ‘purification’ in Pisces season can help us reset our physical, emotional/mental and spiritual health. By clearing out the toxic fear, hate, and other programming we receive every day through the media, we find our way back to integrity with ourselves. As well, by allowing our bodies the space to clear out physical toxins, we find our way back to bodily health and vitality.

As a gift to my patrons, below is a link to my Spring Cleaning e-book, with protocol and recipes for doing your own gentle cleanse at home. I have had wonderful results with the simplest form of this cleanse for myself and my clients over many years of practice. I hope you find it useful as well.

I will share more on all of these topics on this Saturday’s podcast episode, and you’ll receive the link to join on Friday.


Happy Pisces New Moon, and may you dream of free-flowing expansion for yourself, and peace the world over.

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