An update and a request

The past many months have been a time of reflection and re-focusing my energy and attention. Radical well-being, down-to-earth astrology and medical astrology are my passions, and I am working through the best ways to share what I practice. 

I know I want to build a community of people I can support and be supported by, and where we can communicate freely. I don’t yet know the best platform for this community. It may be Patreon….and it may not.

Those of you who are patrons may have noticed you were not charged for January – I put your pledges on hold for the month, as I’m not sure when and what I will be posting here for now. If I don’t gain additional clarity, I will pause pledges for a longer period, which will likely mean taking my page down for a while, as well. That will mean you will no longer have access to the class recordings and other posts here, so download any of the recordings you’d like to keep access to.

I would be grateful for any thoughts you share on why you are here, what you find valuable, and what kind of offering you’d like to see going forward. And – what you think of Patreon as a platform. 

The best way to keep in touch with me these days is through my newsletter. If you aren’t already on my mailing list, you can sign up here:

I can’t thank you enough for your support and patronage. It has meant a lot to me to have you here. You can click through to the post on Patreon to comment, or simply send me an e-mail.

Take care!

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