A little peace

One of the discoveries of spring was this elk carcass, not too far from the family cabin. It emerged nearly intact from the late winter snows, and only now is being dragged and scattered by any number of creatures. There was even the feather of a bald eagle nearby.

I wanted to mark the Solstice with a ritual or ceremony of some kind, yet I didn’t have anything in mind. I ended up making my favorite evening circuit through the forest, stopping to bury my face in moss, provide sustenance for a large mosquito, and then crossing paths with a couple of bull elk before I returned to this place to sit for some time, contemplating. 

On the way out, I met these two – mama and baby. 

It has been difficult to get words onto paper (or into the computer) lately, despite many things to write about. I had the privilege of assisting at  Soul Sanctuary retreat with Sera Beak a few weeks ago; it was true Soul work for me, helping 19 women feel safe enough to go deep within and emerge as their beautiful selves. Sera is highly skilled at creating containers and spaces for people to discover themselves; she also has a true commitment to sovereignty of each Soul. It was a joy to support her, plus to just hang out.

On the home front, the wellness for helping professionals project for which my colleague and I received a grant is off and running as we reach out to the community for participants. I’m also working on a couple of classes, as well as looking for a few new clients.

As always, thank you for being here. More later…..

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