Kali, Pluto, and Full Moons!!

Last week’s Full Moon in Libra triggered some old and deep control programming around relationship as a woman. There is a longer story, of course, but the short story is that I am circling back around to an incident from my college days in the early 80s in which I gave away my power – and didn’t even know what I had done, despite a prophetic dream just a few nights later in which I watched the dark Goddess Kali be trampled by elephants with riders. The fact I had even heard of Kali can only be explained by the anthropology classes with which I was enamored at the time.
The Libran Full Moon catalyzed the closing of a cycle begun in 1983 between Pluto and Saturn – which officially (astrologically speaking) ends in January with their meeting in the sky. The point at which they meet is within a degree of my natal Sun – core self – making it personal.
I’ve been on this deeply transformative journey through the Underworld for a number of years now, and it continues for a while as Pluto slowly rolls through a last few sensitive points in my chart.
There have been many lessons, the most profound of which is that of finding deep TRUST – most of all in myself.
On May 18th, I’m leading a two-hour workshop on the transformational journey signified by Pluto – God of the Underworld. The online class will be in the morning, and I’ll repeat the class in person here in Livingston.

There are several written piece in the works around the subjects of shadows and light, learning to trust, and desire as the antidote to fear. As my patrons, you will be the very first to see the work…..!

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