For my patrons, with love and gratitude

Dear Patrons,

My writing has taken a back seat, lately, to existence. Between part-time work, commuting through Paradise, and my intense desire to simply hibernate during these short days, my creative energy has been at its low ebb for the year. It will come back with the light, but in the meantime words have been scarce and creating has taken form as knitting and cooking. 

As a holiday gift to you, I’ve pulled together the few poems I’ve written over the past few years with a pretty picture on the cover. I’m not planning to share these beyond you, my patrons.

I do have a couple of exciting projects in the works, both of which will require me to get some words on paper (or in the computer) at some point. One is the second round of my Embodied Service mentorship; the first was well received by it sole participant. It was so very rewarding to support someone in recognizing her own divinity and wisdom, and embrace her humanness as well. 

The next round of the mentorship will likely start in March, again for women, and again be designed to support women in de-programming the insidious stories of lack and shame and fear. 

The other project in the works is here in my community: a friend and local naturopath and I are creating a program to support the helpers and healers with self-care and stress management. We will be working through a local non-profit to apply for grant funding for a pilot program. I’ll share some of the details with you as we pull them together. It is an expansion of a short training series we did together a couple of years ago for the local public health folks. We blend Western and Eastern medicine to give people information and practices to ease the burnout and stress that often come with the helping professions. 

It has been a challenging year filled with hard work, incredible generosity from family and friends, and my sense of transitioning to a new chapter. I intend for this coming year to be filled with service, whether through one-on-one soul guidance, teaching, mentoring, or writing (or ???). 

With love and gratitude,


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