Celebrating gratitude

Early this morning, the Sun moved into Sagittarius, the sign of the archer centaur who shoots his arrows far and wide. The Moon is full tonight in the opposite sign of Gemini, the twins who discover themselves through each other and everything around them. It seems quite fitting that we would celebrate abundance and community at the time of such an expansive Full Moon.

While I am aware of the shadow side of this American holiday, it’s connection to oppression and colonialism, in my mind the immense benefits of simple gratitude redeem the essence of this day, if not the trappings of turkeys and pilgrims. It remains my favorite mainstream holiday if for no other reason than its name of Thanksgiving. Giving thanks is something most of us  – and I don’t do often enough.

So today, I give thanks for you, dear patrons, who choose to be here supporting my soul work and reading my words. I am grateful for a good many things but most of all this rich, awe-inspiring life on Earth, with all of its ups and downs and ins and outs. 

I believe I chose to be here, to live this life as this human with this body out of a deep love for this universe. There have been many times my human mind has balked at this truth and wished things were otherwise. But the more closely I live with my soul, the more I know every challenge as well as every blessing is also out of love, and I am grateful for even the most painful of experiences, at least in the rearview mirror.

I wish you all the blessing of gratitude for your own wonderful, crazy lives and unique, wild selves.

Thank you for being here with me!

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