A short update

It feels like forever since I have posted, so here is a short update for now, with more to come.

What has kept me away for the past ten days or so was a tight deadline for an editing job, plus the part-time job that helps me pay living expenses, plus looking for a new home. As of yesterday, the editing job is complete and I have found an apartment to settle into. And I have a day off from the job:)

One of the primary reasons for starting this site was to receive support from, and offer my soul’s work to, those who value this mission of remembering our true state as part of Nature, not separate from Her. I hope my stories and classes convey some sense of this feeling of belonging to the Earth and the Cosmos.

Next up is a post on how to structure my coming book, in which I throw out the question to you for input. Also in the works is a first draft of a chapter or story (depending on how the book gets structured) on how it feels to dive down under the waters of financial stability. In other words, what it is like to come to the end of one’s resources. The Underworld Goddess, Pluto, will figure in to the story somehow, as She will in several more, as active as she has been and will be in my chart for many years.

For now, thanks for being here, thanks for reading. If you feel comfortable sharing my page with others, please do. 

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