Prana (life force) follows focus

One piece of Ayurvedic wisdom echoed in other circles is that our prana, or life force, follows our focus. Another way to say it: what you put your attention on grows. 

What this has come to mean in my life is that I don’t spend a lot of time reading or watching the mainstream media’s idea of “news”. Most of what is curated by the major media reinforces themes of control, violence to solve problems, inequality, etc. I am not interested in perpetuating or feeding injustice, hate, blame, shame. And frankly, my nervous system and soul can’t tolerate large quantities of it, either.

Instead, I look for the kind of news that I want to grow, like the story linked above. Here is someone who is doing something about the problems so easily pointed out and tossed to someone else, like “the government” to take care of. By sharing this news, I support the effort. By turning my attention to this story, I bring my life force – love – to it.

I also look for what I can do, what I can grow on my own. I can grow community, as I do with this site. I can offer healing. I can teach people how to reconnect with their bodies and, as a result, with the Earth, and, as a result, how to care for both. 

There are other news sources offering me a window into the world I want to help create, such as the New Story Hub.

There are lots of other people out there growing the new story, including many on Patreon, such as Charles Eisenstein, Jordan and Antoinette at Happen Films, and Sustainable Human. This is the news and these are the people on whom I want to focus my attention, the primary form of love.

If you want to really see what you love most, take stock of where you put your attention. What Internet news rabbit holes did you fall down today? What did you share on Facebook? We feed what we focus on. I want to feed love. I want feed the new story. 

Thanks for listening.

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