Why Patreon?

I ran across Patreon through the blog and website of a creator I admire greatly, Charles Eisenstein. I immediately signed up for a monthly pledge to him, despite my own precarious finances. I did so for a couple of reasons: one, it was a tangible way to show support and encouragement to someone whose work inspires me. On top of this obvious motivation, I also found the Patreon platform itself to be a beacon of hope. Patreon feels like a way to create community and a sustainable financial structure for those of us who do not fit the standard economic model of fee for service, dollars for hours or items.

After leaving corporate-world in 2010, I invested in my self via traveling, trainings, and healing time to restore some of the vitality that had drained away during my career filled with over-doing, striving to prove myself, and meet someone else’s impossible expectations.

After 7 years of healing, exploration, and trying various avenues of contributing to the world, I hit a wall. Out of resources and faced with the task of creating my own business, I realized I was working toward more of the same burnout, exhaustion, and scramble to get enough clients and students and sales at high enough prices to survive, and not even come close to thriving. 

I was again faced with playing by the old rules of business, rules that have contributed to economic inequity, environmental degradation, and the inexorable lessening of quality of life for many. I saw the futility, at least for me, of charging ever-higher prices or finding ever-greater numbers of students or creating sources of ‘passive income’ that has become what is supposed to be – but isn’t – a ‘new way’ of doing business. 

I want to give away more of my creations, of the wisdom garnered through both the work of inquiry and contemplation, and the blessings I’ve been graced with throughout my life (such as that family mountain cabin!)

I have a head full of ideas for creations, all geared toward uniting humanity and this lovely planet we share, and to guiding people to their own divinity, intuition, well-being. 

I look forward to the journey with you.

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