Doorways to darkness

Doorways to darkness: an astrological perspective On The Natural Wisdom Podcast In this episode, recorded just a few days after the Cancer Solstice, I talk about cycles of light and dark, and especially the experience of dark times. One of the gifts of astrology is greater perspective on the timing of and cooperation with theContinue reading “Doorways to darkness”

Our Plutonian Journey

I am celebrating a milestone this month, one of nearing completion of a long and dark Underworld journey.  I have been living and breathing a very personal dance with the planet Pluto for more than a decade. For the past several years, as it has come to the exact degree of my Capricorn Sun, mostContinue reading “Our Plutonian Journey”

2020: Time to choose love over fear

The tension of the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse season is between an old, control-based system of working, governing, and living (the dark side of Capricorn) and a new (and ancient) way of honoring our subtle senses, our intuition, our deep connection with the life force in every creation, and our innate natural wisdom.