Moon Guidance

The Moon has guided humans for millennia. She can guide you, too.

Moon Guidance Reading

A Moon Guidance reading starts with the Moon’s placement in your birth chart. By starting with the Moon, we start with the past, with the soul’s journey into this lifetime. We’ll look at the sign, house placement, aspects, Moon phase, and position of the Lunar Nodes in the birth chart to get insight into the soul’s purpose in this lifetime. We’ll also review current events and their interaction with the Moon, as well as the Progressed Moon. 60 Minutes for $108

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Making Moon Magic Series

What do you want to create in your life? Abundance? Romance? Balance?

Whatever it is, creation begins with intention.

By following the natural cycles of the moon, you shape your life through sustained focus and attention, and harness the power of the season.

Each lunar cycle amplifies the energy of the season: in the first flush of spring at the Aries New Moon, it is time to sow the seeds for the coming season of growth, whether in your garden or your heart. At the Virgo New Moon of autumn, your intentions may shift to harvesting and sorting through what you’ve created. By synchronizing your intentions with the Moon’s cycles, you can feel your powerful alignment with Nature through your body, emotions and therefore, your actions.

Sign up for a series of Making Moon Magic readings, and you are making a conscious choice to join the flow of Nature. Whether you choose a three-month or six-month package, you’ll receive a monthly personal reading; guidance on setting intentions that align with the current Moon cycle and astrological influences; and e-mail support in-between to help you stay focused and on track with what you want to create.

Readings are 40 minutes each, and done via Zoom videoconference. Each session is recorded so you can download and re-listen.

Is it time to commit to yourself and your deepest desires?


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