Soul Guidance and Astrology

“Healing begins with embodiment of the soul”

~Marion Woodman, Author and Jungian analyst

There are many ways to connect with our souls. One way to have a conversation of sorts is through astrology and a reading of the birth chart. It is a map and a clock all at once, from our soul, showing us the way we might go and the best time to do so.

Astrology has been in use around the world for thousands of years for many purposes, from agriculture to fortune-telling. In today’s world, astrology gives us access to our own wisdom, a better understanding of ourselves, and perspective on our lives.

An astrology consultation offers guidance and information for decisions, and a way to align your life with natural forces reflected within you.Read a little more about how I came to this practical blend of art and science.

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Soul Map
Soul Map Consultation – 90 minutes $175

The astrological birth chart is a map of the soul’s purpose and path in life. The elements of the chart represent patterns of energy within the individual as well as within the cosmos. Through specifics of the chart, we can get a sense of our highest intentions, our strengths, and our greatest potential for growth. A soul-map session can offer deep guidance for current life situations and personal development.

Transit of Venus as seen at 762nm in the CO Module.NEWVenus Reading – 60 minutes $130

Venus, the planet of the Divine Feminine, is commonly associated with love, money, pleasure, and relationship, She has fascinated us for millennia, inspiring myths and rituals in many ancient civilizations with her journey through the sky.

In this special one hour Venus reading, Kristine will help you find the traits and powers of your unique Venus through sign, house placement, aspects, phase, and how She appeared in the sky when you were born.

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All sessions are held via Zoom videoconference and recorded so you can download and re-listen.


Pluto and Transformation: The death of control

In this 2 hour video recording, learn about Pluto, God/Goddess of the Underworld and its significance in astrology. Only $25.

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