Natural Wellness

“Restoring our broken connection to nature does not just benefit the individual, but extends out to the healing of all our relationships, both personal and societal.”

~Theodore Roszak, founder of ecopsychology

Traditional healing systems recognize the interconnection between human beings and our environment, and prescribe practices to keep us in harmony. The cycles and rhythms of the Sun, Moon, and planets are reflected in our own lives. When we are synchronized with those rhythms, we support our health and well-being and connect more easily to our natural wisdom.

The first step in living more naturally involves treating ourselves with more care, concern and love. How we care for ourselves is a direct reflection of how we care for the Earth.

Kristine Backes - Soul Guide
At home in the winter sunshine

There are many ways to begin demonstrating love and care to ourselves. Some are as simple as a daily prayer or intention; some are physical practices, such as oil self-massage. Aligning our diets with our individual needs as well as local and seasonal foods helps us care for our bodies as well as our planet.

A consultation will help you learn and incorporate ancient and natural wisdom to support your modern life. Together we explore simple changes to connect your daily rhythms with those of the natural world.

90 Minutes for $175

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