Saturn mini-series

Is 2023 the year to own your life?

In these three videos, let me tell you how owning your Saturn is the key to co-creating the life you want, and living your purpose.

Why don’t most (if any) astrologers tell you the truth about Saturn?

Saturn’s reputation as a ‘malefic’ (i.e. bad influence) comes from our dominator culture of command and control.

The TRUTH about Saturn, and the reason it is THE key to co-creating your reality is:

  • Saturn shows you your karma.
  • Saturn tells the truth of your Soul
  • Saturn is the guardian of your purpose. 

Watch this video to find out how I know!

I spent most of my life looking ‘out there’ for success, purpose, and validation.

Until I really ‘got’ the meaning of Saturn.

The real answers are ‘in here’:

  • Your duty is to your Soul;
  • To be disciplined is to be a disciple of yourself;
  • Commitment means to your purpose and unique genius

In order to get started with embodying your purpose, owning your life and co-creating with Saturn, you have to know yourself. In a world full of distraction and overwhelming activity, having a felt sense of your ‘frequency’ is the key to staying aligned. 

After all, it is difficult to stay aligned when you can’t sense your inner compass.

Knowing yourself is one of the very first steps in owning your Saturn and owning your life. 

Try this short meditation when you have a few minutes and see if it helps you get to know yourself.

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Learn how your specific placement of Saturn offers you the key to the life you want.