June Solstice 2023 Online Retreat


Re-commit to your highest intention for 2023 in this June Solstice online retreat and embodiment ceremony.

The Solstice, when the Sun ‘stands still’ in its movement from north to south, is a powerful time to work with your intentions.

In this half-day online Solstice retreat, Kristine will share some highlights on the key energy shifts of 2023, including the coming eclipse season. Then, we will draw upon a variety of energy and embodiment techniques – meditation, journaling, and Yoga Nidra (deep, guided relaxation – all you have to do is lie there!) –  to renew your commitment to, and anchor into your body your greatest intention for 2023.

You will leave the retreat with:

  • insight into working with the shifts of 2023
  • a renewed commitment to the  intention you are bringing into form in 2023;
  • an understanding of how to follow-through for the next phase of the year; and
  • a sense of ease and renewal.

The retreat will be held live online on June 21st starting at 1:30 pm Mountain/3:30 pm Eastern, and run for approximately 2 1/2 hours. The session will be recorded, and you’ll receive the recording after the retreat concludes.


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