Astrology 101: Soul Map Home Study Course


Six recorded video lectures plus handouts designed to help you understand the basics of reading an astrological birth chart.



Learn to read your soul’s map…..

Your astrological birth chart is a map of your soul’s past, present, and future patterns and potentials.   Like any other map, it consists of symbols and shapes that constitute a language. When you learn the language, the chart becomes a window into your soul’s world.

In this class, Kristine shares the basic meanings of the ‘words’ that make up the language of astrology. Plus, she orients you to the shape and facets of the chart – East and West, above and below the horizon, the wheel as a cycle of life.

The course includes:

Solar Eclipse 2017

  • 6 recorded video classes;
  • Handouts on signs, houses, planets and dignities (affinities between planets and signs).

Each class takes and in depth look at a facet of the chart:

Class One:Introduction to Astrology and Understanding the Shape and Components of the Chart

Class Two: The Planets as the archetypal characters contained within each of us;

Class Three:The Astrological Signs as the way our innate characters express themselves;

Class Four:The Houses as the arenas of our lives in which the characters act;

Class Five:The Dignities, which add a deeper dimension to the planets’ expression through the signs;

Class Six:Putting it all Together to use the building blocks of astrological language to help us understand our lives, our selves, and act skillfully based on that understanding.


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