Own your Saturn, Own your Life

Discover the key to living your purpose.

When you own your Saturn, you align with your authentic self, and live your purpose.

Why Saturn?

Saturn in astrology represents our inner authority. It is the binding force that governs material reality – and manifestation.

In the astrology world, our dominator culture has turned Saturn into a taskmaster and disciplinarian, who brings tests and hard work.

But the true Saturn is the Santa Claus of the solar system, and the truth-teller of your Soul

When you work consciously with Saturn, you co-create your life.

Why Now?

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift from an old story of rules and expectations ‘out there’ to a new story of autonomy and authenticity

With the major energy shifts of the next few years, there is a huge opportunity to shape the future you want in alignment with your Soul and the Soul of the world.

Imagine if you could own your Saturn and...

Own your Saturn, Own your Life

Join a small group of people like us, beginning February 14th, for a 6 week journey to reclaim your Saturn and co-create the life you want. 



Module 1 | WEek of February 14th

Why Saturn, Why Now?

Learn why now is such an important time to do Saturn work; and what Saturn in your chart tells you about having the life you want.


Module 2 | WEek of February 21st

Discover your purpose

Clarify your purpose; learn how karma can hide it; and get to know Saturn as the great revealer. 


Module 3 | WEek of February 27th

Face your Saturn shadows.

What are you afraid of? Find out what your fears have to tell you, how to listen….and release their power over you.


Module 4 | WEek of march 7th

Reclaim your power.

Get insight into the ways you project your power and authority outside yourself, and reclaim that  for your life.


Module 5 | WEek of march 14th

Commit to your purpose.

Harness the power of commitment, and learn to co-create rather than manifest. 


Module 6 | WEek of march 21st

Co-create your Golden Age.

The Golden Age was a time when humans lived in harmony with each other and the Earth. The end of this program is the beginning of your Golden Age. Through ceremony and ritual, you’ll anchor your purpose and align your actions toward the future you want.

What people are saying about Kristine's Saturn work...

"I signed up because I have glimpsed truth here."

“There’s something so important in what Kristine has been tapping into with the Saturn work.

I’m excited to become a more conscious dance partner with Saturn and in community with others who are also seeing beauty and truth in this. Thank you for offering this container Kristine, what a gift!

- LR, Canada

"Do the Saturn Work."

- James Lavers, U.K.

"You have such a kind, caring and down to earth practical approach."

“I also love that you weaved in your other knowledge of natural living that can support me to live and thrive. It is amazing how much information about myself and my path can be revealed and in such a useful way “

- Charlotte K., U.K.

Join a container of support to...

Over $4000 in value for only $499

Here's what you get in the Saturn program

- Six one hour lectures

- Six half-day group work sessions

- Recordings of all sessions

- Private Facebook discussion group

Private karmic clearing session with Kristine ($195 value)

- Own Your Saturn workbook

- Saturn Archetype e-book

Plus these bonuses

- Group clearing session with Belinda Noakes, Courage Coach and founder of TinyBrave.com ($250 value)

- Saturn: Friend or Foe recorded class ($39 value)

- Saturn in Pisces workshop live or by recording ($49 value)

- Cancer Solstice Online half-day retreat and Saturn check-in ($199 value)

Total cost of the package would be over $4000

Join our small group of like-hearted people

Join the Saturn Journey


We begin on February 14th!

About Kristine

Kristine supports people to claim their birthright of health, prosperity and joy through astrology, Ayurveda, and powerful energy healing techniques. Kristine left a corporate career and an external definition of success in 2010 to re-create her life in alignment with her Soul, nature, and the cosmos (and her inner Saturn!). Her Soul-led journey began with time in India for study and pilgrimage, followed by a return home to the Montana mountains where she lives now. Kristine was initiated into the ancient art and science of astrology via a potent dream of a star-shaped cellphone the night before a reading with her astrology mentor, Emily Trinkaus. She has been immersed in this language of energy ever since. Kristine hosts The Natural Wisdom Podcast, dedicated to reminding people of their natural wisdom, and how to live authentically and in harmony with the Earth and Cosmos.