Lunar Plant Magick

With spiritual herbalist Angela Segraves and astrologer/ wellbeing guide Kristine Backes

Starts April 9th, 2021! watch the free Equinox preview class recording

Moon over the Yellowstone

People have co-created with the Moon and plants for millennia through farming and gardening, herbalism, alchemy and magic. Plants are an earthly embodiment of the energies of the skies, with correlations to Moon phase and sign, as well as the planets themselves. To this day, farmers and gardeners know to plant or harvest specific plants under New or Full Moons, or when the Moon is in a particular sign. 

In astrology – and our lives – the Moon represents the memories and feelings of our Soul, carried in to this life from the past. As one of the most sensitive points in the natal chart, our Moon by sign and phase shows how we are nourished, our instincts, and our emotional make-up. The Moon is the distributor of cosmic energies, and by attuning ourselves to its movements through the sky, we can work consciously with the natural forces at work.

There are many ways to work with the Moon in our lives. Incorporating plant medicine – whether on the physical, mental, emotional, or purely spiritual levels – brings the energies of the Cosmos down to Earth. Whether we add certain plants to our diet, incorporate herbal medicines in our routines, take flower essences, or simply meditate with the plant being that speaks most directly to us, plants can become allies on our life path. We will explore together the wisdom and practices to co-create and connect more deeply with Nature and the Cosmos through plants and the Moon.

In our 3 month journey, Angela and Kristine will share their combined wisdom and knowledge of spiritual herbalism and astrology, as well as practices you can use to creatively embody what you learn. We will meet together at the New and Full Moons to dive deeply into the lunar and plant energies at play. We’ll also meet for an integration session each month to answer questions, share practices and tell stories of our experiences.

Each New and Full Moon, Kristine will explain the energies of the current astrology activated by the Moon. Angela and Kristine will discuss the corresponding plants that help us work with the energies, and Angela will guide us in connecting and cooperating with the plants. 

This course is designed to support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life journey through:

  • Attuning more deeply to the Moon and its cycles, as well as planets associated with each Lunation;
  • Discovering and cooperating with plant allies that correspond to current astro-energies;
  • Co-creating a more natural, conscious and intentional life;
  • Building your intuitive powers;
  • Learning ways to integrate plant allies and guides in your life;
  • Gathering with a like-minded group of Lunar Plant Magick-makers.

The $597 cost of our three month journey includes:

  • Gathering via video-conference at each New and Full Moon to explore the astro-energies and plant allies;
  • Monthly video-gatherings to deepen, integrate, and share our journeys;
  • An online gathering space on social media where we can support each other, answer questions, post our experiences, and share resources;
  • Handouts and charts;
  • Discounted Lunar Plant Magick 90-minute reading with Angela and Kristine;
  • Discounts on readings with Kristine.

Class dates: April 9th and 23rd; May 7th and 21st; June 4th and 18th; plus one Q and A session each month TBD. Classes will be 75 minutes each.

We are making a few partial scholarships available for those who find the cost to be a barrier to joining us. Contact Kristine to apply.

Early Registration extended: Sign up by 11:59 p.m. on april 2nd for these special bonuses:

  • Free 30 minute consultation with Angela and Kristine to talk about your personal Lunar Plant astrology.
  • Access to a special class with Kristine on April 2nd on Moon lore and astrology, and working with the Moon in your life, live or by recording.
  • Angela’s five-class recorded series on Embodying the Elements.


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About your guides

It is time for All of Us to Live our Purpose!  Using a blend of the modalities, Angela loves helping others connect to their Earth Magic and Soul Wisdom.  We are all Divine Souls having a Human Experience on Mother Earth.  When we tune into that Wisdom, Magic Happens.

Kristine at home

Kristine Backes  is a well-being guide and astrologer who has studied Eastern health and holistic wellness practices for nearly two decades, primarily Ayurveda. Kristine holds a BS in environmental science, and Master’s in organizational leadership. Kristine loves to show people how to listen to their own wisdom by moving in closer harmony with nature, whether through diet, lifestyle, astrology, or other traditional, nature-based methods of supporting our innate capacity for radical well-being.