• Super sensitive Super power
    Super sensitive is a super power: with Belinda Noakes On The Natural Wisdom Podcast It was such a pleasure to talk with my dear friend Belinda Noakes, a therapist and coach who works with super-sensitive people – like me! Our journeys have been shockingly parallel, from quitting our corporate careers in 2010, to visiting theContinue reading “Super sensitive Super power”
  • Everything is Energy
    Everything is Energy: Beyond the stories On The Natural Wisdom Podcast Everything is energy, according to ancient wisdom and modern physics. But what does that mean, and why might it matter? In this episode of the Natural Wisdom Podcast, Kristine talks about sensing your own unique energy signature and why it is especially important forContinue reading “Everything is Energy”
  • Tuesday’s Eclipse Apocalypse
    The Taurus Lunar Eclipse of 2022 can best be described as an apocalypse in the original meaning of the term.
  • Celebrate darkness at Samhain
    The cross-quarter holyday of Samhain coincides with Eclipse season and Mars stationing retrograde this year, 2022.
  • Cosmic Wisdom for October 2022
    Kristine and her guest, astrologer Emily Trinkaus share wisdom for the heart of Eclipse season. This is a potent time for releasing old trauma, healing, and integrating new beginnings.
  • Own your Saturn, own your life
    Saturn, despite its reputation as the ‘greater malefic’ (i.e. bad guy), holds the keys to embodied human life. Listen on The Natural Wisdom Podcast.