• Integrate Self-love at the Equinox
    The Libra Equinox is a time of rebalancing our lives; this year we are integrating lessons from Venus retrograde in Leo, and preparing for the October eclipses.
  • Virgo New Moon 2023
    The Virgo New Moon reminds us that we know what we know through our bodies and lived experience.
  • Ask for what you want
    Ask for what you want: The alchemy of Aries and Libra On The Natural Wisdom Podcast We are fast approaching the cross-quarter holyday of Lughnasadh, or Lammas, the mid-point between June Solstice and Autumn Equinox. The Sun’s light is beginning to wane here in the northern hemisphere. There are other significant energy shifts going on, … Read more
  • Living in harmony: a conversation with Dr. Kristian Strang
    Living in harmony: a conversation with Dr. Kristian Strang On The Natural Wisdom Podcast On the second anniversary of The Natural Wisdom Podcast, Dr. Kristian Strang and I talked about the many paths to uncovering our innate natural wisdom. One subject we came back to several times is the danger of getting stuck in ‘finding … Read more
  • Doorways to darkness
    Doorways to darkness: an astrological perspective On The Natural Wisdom Podcast In this episode, recorded just a few days after the Cancer Solstice, I talk about cycles of light and dark, and especially the experience of dark times. One of the gifts of astrology is greater perspective on the timing of and cooperation with the … Read more
  • Saturn as catalyst, with Jude Hotep
    Saturn as the catalyst: A conversation with Goddess Astrologer Jude Hotep On The Natural Wisdom Podcast The Goddess Astrologer Jude Hotep joined me for a wide-ranging conversation about the return of Divine Feminine energy; healing the split between Soul and body, and more. Jude and I met as presenters at the Aquarian High Council online … Read more